Preparation for successful interview

We offer you one day course to learn how to perform at airline interviews to get the job of cabin attendant. Since we all know, that it is very important to make a good first impression right from the beginning, which is half of a success, we prepared for you this training. The training will be conducted by an experienced cabin attendant instructor. Our mutual aim is to prepare you to be self-confident, to be able to present your curriculum vitae, your foreign languages and communication skills and also to present your good and likable manners. Very important is to have general overview of aviation business and operation. During the course we will also provide you with valuable information regarding the conditions and requirements of majority of domestic and foreign airlines in connection to cabin attendant positions.

At the same time you will be automatically integrated in our database and will be consequently informed on cabin crew selections and interviews organized by Slovak, Czech and foreign airlines.

In case of your interest, we offer you the possibility to attend the Initial Safety Training for cabin attendants, acquiring the Attestation of Safety Training (Certificate) upon successful completion of the training.