Other staff training

This training is conducted by a professional emergency doctor and apart from general first aid rules contains also:

  • principles of resuscitation including the practical training with the use of resuscitation dummy
  • usage and operation of defibrillator (training for non professionals).

The Certificate is issued upon successful completion of the first aid training.

Minimum number of participants in one course is ten. Duration of the first aid theoretical and practical training is six hours.

The use of defibrillator is very important in life saving situations like sudden cardiac arrest when the heart impulse becomes chaotic and the muscle fails to contract in harmony. Ventricular fibrillation can often be reversed by the early application of a controlled electric shock from a defibrillator. Automatic defibrillators are often used by public institutions and with the assistance of written or audible instructions inform users how to operate the equipment in life saving situations like sudden heart problems.

At the same time we offer assistance in selection, delivery, purchase and implementation of automatic defibrillator in your organization or at your work place.